Air & space power journal - april 15, 2020

Major Peter L. Belmote (USAF, Ret.) reviews A Destiny of Undying Greatness  here.

Off The Shelf - March 19-25, 2020

Watch an interview with Mark Trapp about the book on Glenview TV's "Off the Shelf" program hosted by Yvonne Wolf.

Strategy Page - March 5, 2020

Strategy Page calls A Destiny of Undying Greatness an "impressive biography," and "a good read for anyone interested in the Great War in the air, or young men at war, or American life and society from the Gilded Age through the arrival of the Doughboys at the Front in France."

Mon Legionnaire - January 22, 2020

Mon Legionnaire calls A Destiny of Undying Greatness "one of several recent books written about the Americans who fought in the French Foreign Legion in the early years of the war and it is, by far, the best that I have read."